The Week’s Most Popular Home Is a Mansion That’s Never Been Lived In—and You Won’t Believe Why

An art-stuffed mansion in Illinois is this week’s most popular home on®. And as if its 9,721 square feet of extreme opulence weren’t enough, the enormous residence comes complete with a shocking twist.

Built in 2002, the $2.9 million home has been used exclusively to house the owners’ extensive art collection—and has never been lived in. Two decades later, it’s like buying a brand-new home.

The odd backstory and colorful art in the home’s listing photos make the place extremely clickworthy. Loaded with paintings, sculptures, and objets d’art, the interiors look otherwise untouched since the home was built 18 years ago.

For a buyer interested in breaking into the art market, any of the art inside or outside the home is available for negotiation, separately from the purchase price.

Aside from the mansion-museum, other homes you clicked on this week included the lovingly restored Baywood mansion in Pittsburgh, a hulking Victorian sitting on the Mississippi River Delta, and the architecturally significant Goodkind residence in Minnesota—all antiques in search of new owners to usher them into the future.

As you ponder the logistics of purchasing a mansion simply to house your art collection, we ask you to cast aside those dreams for a few moments and scroll down to peruse all of this week’s popular homes…

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